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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
114340063914824832953283143Damien YzeBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield8 1Glen Waverley Hawks
212013266014824833095086120Lucas HutchinsonBlackburn North2018/2019Twenty20 Topline Cricket Shield3 1Forest Hill
310533666014824832953238105Ben DavisBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Vermont
410440063914824832953265104Damien YzeBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield5 1Bulleen Templestowe
5804110731482483295323880David WaymanBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Vermont
6723374411482483295326572Dean BurtonBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield5 1Bulleen Templestowe
7663710691482483309508666Jack BrennanBlackburn North2018/2019Twenty20 Topline Cricket Shield3 1Forest Hill
8663928241482483293159366Brody J HarbinsonBlackburn North2018/2019A Grade4 1Koonung Heights
9623710691482483293161562Jack BrennanBlackburn North2018/2019A Grade10 1East Box Hill
10594151481482483295327459Patrick LubyBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield7 1Forest Hill
11563710691482483293159656Jack BrennanBlackburn North2018/2019A Grade5 1Glen Waverley Hawks
12534006391482483295324453Damien YzeBlackburn North2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield2 1East Box Hill
13503502591482483293157950Chris McNeilBlackburn North2018/2019A Grade1 1Nunawading
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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