Club's 70th Anniversary - Past Records Sought
Date of Event : Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:00PM

2017/18 will be our Club's 70th season of formal operation and provides a golden opportunity to conduct some 'dress rehearsals' and launch preliminary planning for the 75th anniversary in 2022/23.


Blackburn North (formerly Meadow) Cricket Club is actively seeking any past records of the Club. These may be in the form of scorebooks, minutes of meetings (or even simple notations taken by someone in attendance), newsletters, annual reports, print and/or electronic media publications, engraved awards or anything else that provides even seemingly mundane information about the club's past, or anyone's role in it. If you can assist in any way with the recovery of Club records or copies of documents please contact the Club Historian.


Scorebooks remain the source of most on-field records and are essential to help fill gaps in our performance archive. Large numbers of the Club's past scorebooks have either been destroyed or 'acquired' as souvenirs. Naturally, we would be grateful to recover as many as possible but even being granted access to copy such 'souvenirs' would be a significant gain for the Club.


Minute Books provide the most extensive and detailed record of a Club's history in every respect other than day-to-day match performances. Sadly most of these from the mid-1970s forward are also awol.


Annual Reports have been produced every season and to varying degrees recorded the Club's annual financial position with officials advising the successes (and sometimes failures) of various endeavours both on and off the field of play. It would be great to have a lot more of these (originals or copies) than is currently the case.


Newsletters in the print format were published extensively before the internet age fully took hold of promotions. Since then, e-Newsletters have been the norm but sadly, even these are largely lacking in both the Club's and The Heritage Network's archives.


Updates and Additions will be posted on this page from time to time so it would be of benefit to save a shortcut to your desktop for easy access to revisit here from time to time.


The Blackburn North CC: "Heritage Archive" is a work in progress by The Heritage Network (Fb) that seeks to identify any club records which have survived to the current time.




Image Credits:
Photographer - John Toogood.
Sourced from the Toogood Family Collection.
Depicted - Koonung Reserve's Len Toogood Oval, the Club's home since 1966. 
Featured in the car park is a Buick released the same year the Club was constituted (1948)





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