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Most of the Club's information is published via the internet so make sure you are not only a regular visitor to this, our main website, but also use links provided to our Facebook page (public) and closed group (subject to join approval, essentially for club members & supporters). To get full service you will need to register with Facebook but it is free and simple. All are invited to "Like" and "Follow" our page whilst members and supporters are also invited to "Join" and "Follow" our group.


News items and events are generally published on this site first, then linked to a Facebook news item or events page which is further promoted by sharing on the Facebook timeline and in the closed group. Everything will be posted on this site, most will also be shared on our Facebook page and/or group. The advantage of Facebook is that followers are actively notified by Facebook whenever a new post is published, although users can turn off this function if they wish. Also, by having the 'group' we are able to publish documents etc for access by members without using up our MyCricket storage allocation whereas the Facebook 'page' only allows image files, not much use if we want to make document and spreadsheet files available.


To make sure you don't miss anything its a good idea to place a shortcut to this site on your computer desktop and/or the home screen of your phone. You could also make our site your home page so that it opens whenever you start your browser. Adding a shortcut or changing your homepage is fairly simple but does vary depending on your browser so if you need help contact the club.



(our main website & primary online presence, anyone can browse this site & if we know it & you want to know it you can find it on this site or at least find someone who can tell you about it - but Daryl Clark please note that you will still need to click on links & 'navigate' the ... navigation bar as our advanced ubeaut-function that accesses your 'thoughts' and magically generates a legible response on screen has been 'down' for some time. Ross is rewriting the code as we speak! [jk])


(our Facebook page & official social media site, anyone can browse but you must have a Facebook profile & be logged on to interact)


(our Facebook 'closed' group primarily for day-to-day 'gnashing of teeth' & 'chewing of the fat' between club members & supporters, you need to submit a 'join' request & be approved before you can browse and/or interact)






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Our Website & Social Media (Facebook)

Most of the Club's information is published via the internet so make sure you are not only a regular visitor to this, our main website , but also use Read more


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Annual General Mtg from 1:00pm Sun 7 July 2019
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71st Anniversary Dinner
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